About us

Partega is your construction project partner. We provide construction solutions and ground preparation for housing, restaurants, retail and service spaces. Satisfied clients are our favourite people … along with employees who enjoy their work. Want to know more about how we can help you? Want to join us? Get in contact!

Aesthetic, functional, sustainable buildings

Partega is an experienced Örebro-based company with 55 employees committed to creating aesthetic, functional, sustainable buildings and environments. As our client, you have a secure, committed, personal partner providing high quality – from the drawing board to the finished build.

Our history

Partega was founded in the early 2000s under the name Byggprojekt.
In 2007, we merged with a company in Norway and became Byggprojekt Olsson & Strøm AB. Until the summer of 2021, we operated under the name Byggprojekt Olsson & Strøm. Over the years, we have completed a variety of projects throughout Northern Europe.

Quality, environment, safety – for your well-being

At the start of every assignment, we draw up a project-specific construction security plan and quality-environment-safety protocol including quality and environmental management plans, a work environment plan, security and safety rules, internal quality controls, etc.

For you as a client, this means you can always feel secure that we will deliver on time, on budget, with no errors. And you get a professional partner with a positive attitude on top of that. We would be happy to discuss our quality, environment and safety work and what it means for you.

Focus on sustainability

Both governments and markets are demanding ever more economic, ecological and social responsibility. As a result, we end up making tougher demands of our suppliers, too.

At Partega, our sustainability efforts are under way and under development all the time, every day, on scales both large and small. We think and act with a long-term perspective in all we do. In our view, a healthy company is a profitable company.

Here are a few examples of our sustainability efforts: We have a car policy that promotes use of electric/hybrid cars – it pays! We consult Byggvarubedömningen, a non-profit that evaluates the environmental impact of construction materials, to help us make sustainable materials choices in our projects. We are working actively to bring increased diversity and more women to Partega. We support a variety of social initiatives, including Säkra Varje Unge, Giving People and Missing People. We buy used IT equipment, sort waste construction materials, use LED construction lighting – and much more.