Our services

New construction, renovation or addition? We can help with surveying, drawings, implementation, follow-up and everything in between – always with commitment, concern and quality from start to finish.

Partega provides construction solutions and ground preparation for housing, restaurants, retail and service premises. For you as a client, we are a secure, committed, personal partner – from the drawing board to the finished build.

Retail and commercial premises

Partega is one of Sweden’s most well-established construction companies for commercial and public facilities. We provide our clients with complete solutions, from the planning stages to move-in day. Our field of operations extends throughout the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

Our efforts often extend beyond the bounds of the way “normal” construction projects are run. This willingness to go the extra mile, along with our concern for and closeness to our clients, is what makes Partega the clear choice to help with your commercial project.

Ground works

We provide a full range of land clearing and site preparation services – for large projects and small, including road building, excavation, laying foundations and concrete work. All projects are equally important – but none is quite like any other. It’s essential to be sensitive to specific wishes, to improve ideas and turn them into reality.

We have our own equipment and staff, but we also collaborate with other companies on large projects, and with firms specialising in transport, surveying, foundation building, deep foundation work, blasting, vibration measurement, sand and gravel, etc.


We guide you securely though the entire construction process. Depending on the type of contracting work desired, with varying boundaries and delegation of responsibility, we help with planning, scheduling, procurement, final inspection, etc. Everything is loaded into an overall schedule including important milestones, deliveries and prerequisites.

Our professional site management staff take charge of scheduling and coordination, while our experienced tradespeople deliver quality. We also have access to a wide range of subcontractors if needed.


Partega has far-ranging expertise in planning and project management. We can provide all necessary services within our areas of operation. We guide you through the entire process – from system/framework documentation and drawings to inspection documentation and finally to construction documentation. We can also provide as-built documentation where needed. If you need help with concept design, work environment coordination (BAS-P) or measurement services, we can provide them, too.

We approach planning from a client-oriented perspective. Important ingredients are attentiveness, commitment, understanding and economy. With our experience, we can see predictable challenges coming, serve as experts on various issues, and propose and implement solutions to make your project more efficient.